Atomic Heart cartridges - how to use element cartridges

Atomic Heart cartridges how to use elemental cartridges

If you’re stumped on how to use Atomic Heart cartridges in Mundfish’s latest FPS, don’t worry. While the mechanic may be poorly explained and needlessly obtuse, there is a way to use these elemental cartridges.

Whether you’re on Xbox, PlayStation or PC, we’ll teach you how to use the cartridge mechanic. After all, you’ll probably want to make use of every weapon in your toolkit if you’re to stop this terrifying robot uprising!

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How to use Atomic Heart cartridges on Xbox

On Xbox Series consoles, you can easily access the cartridge system inside your weapon wheel. While it may not be very well explained — or even explained at all — the elemental cartridges can be equipped to any weapon that has a cartridge slot. These slots can be added in a weapon’s upgrade tree.

To equip Atomic Heart cartridges on Xbox:

  • Hold the X button to open the weapon wheel.
  • Move the cursor down to the segment at the bottom of the wheel and press the Right Trigger. This should open up a sub-wheel that allows you to pick which element you wish to use.
  • Highlight the element carriage you wish to equip and press the right trigger one more time. Bob’s your uncle, you’ve now attached an elemental cartridge in Atomic Heart!

Furthermore, on Xbox, you have the option of plugging in a mouse for an easier time equipping cartridges. After plugging in a mouse, all you have to do is click the middle mouse button and you can equip any cartridge in your inventory!

How to equip Atomic Heart cartridges on PS5

If you’re a PlayStation 5 user, you’ll have a similar experience to Xbox Series players. While Atomic Heart cartridges are not explained well in the game’s tutorial, you are able to equip them in the same way.

To equip Atomic Heart cartridges on PS5:

  • Hold the square button to open your weapon wheel.
  • Navigate to the bottom slot and press R2. This should open up a sub-wheel that will allow you to pick which elemental cartridge you want to equip.
  • Simply navigate to the element you want to attach and press R2 again. A small animation should play that attaches the canister to your weapon!

Of course, you need to make sure that the weapon you wish to augment has a cartridge slot unlocked in the weapon’s upgrade tree. Additionally, make sure you have the cartridge you wish to use in your inventory.

How to attach weapon cartridges in Atomic Heart on a PC

If you’re a PC player, you’ll have the easiest time attaching cartridges in Atomic Heart.

To attach weapon cartridges in Atomic Heart on a PC, you can simply click on the middle mouse button to select the cartridge you want to use at any point during gameplay.

While doing this, you can also laugh at us poor console gamers for suffering with poor tutorials that refuse to tell us how to interact with major mechanics.

Hopefully, that’s everything you need to know about using cartridges in Atomic Heart. It may be confusing, poorly explained and a rather useless mechanic altogether, but it’s still there!

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