Atari Mini Pong Jr console revealed: Specs, features, video, price and release date

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With so many contenders vying for you money in the coming months, you're going to be hard-pressed not to come out of the holiday season without at least one new gadget or console.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are competing for your money, but that's not all.

In fact, there are a bunch of retro ideas trying to get your attention too.

So, let us introduce the Atari Mini Pong Jr.

Atari Mini Pong Jr specs

This little handheld device can only play Pong, just keep that in mind.

It is 30cm long with a 7.9-inch LCD screen designed to have one or two people play Pong.

It also comes complete with a USB cable and an adaptor.

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Atari Mini Pong Jr features

The most impressive thing about this little device is that it has one dial on each end. This allows you and somebody else to play against each other as much as you want.

It also has the option to play against an AI opponent with ten different levels of difficulty for that opponent.

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Atari Mini Pong Jr video

A launch trailer has been shared, so you can take a look at the Atari Mini Pong Jr right here...

Atari Mini Pong Jr price

Unfortunately, there's no news on the price as of yet.

Given that this will be competing with proper consoles, the other mini consoles in the market, and basically every other toy in existence, we'd be shocked if it costs more than £100.

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Atari Mini Pong Jr release date

There's no firm release date yet with the company merely stating that it would be available online "soon."

It's said to be coming out in the holidays season this year, so we should have some firm details soon regarding both the release date and the price.

Either that or you'll just have to guess both when ordering it, but that doesn't seem very wise.

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