Armored Core 6 - how to beat Balteus

Armored Core 6 Balteus - mech flying

Armored Core 6 Balteus - mech flying

If the first boss is not easy, then you might expect the second one to not be a joke either. Indeed, that's what is going on in FromSoftware's latest mech game. If you need help on how to beat Armored Core 6 Balteus, then we have tips and tricks for you.

Where the first boss was all about being aggressive, this one also comes with a shield. So it needs more work before we can go ahead and do some a lotta damage.

But no worries, this is not an impossible task, come with us and we'll find out how to destroy Armored Core 6 Balteus and finish Chapter two.

How to beat Balteus in Armored Core 6

Out of all the different strategies, two tips that we would consider of utmost importance: use a pulse blade melee attack plus keep a pulse gun as your primary weapon.

Armored Core 6 Balteus - Pulse Gun schematics
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Those weapons can cut through the shield that Balteus has up, while also doing damage as soon as it is down.

Here are some more useful tips and tricks:

  • Use the pulse gun against shields to conserve ammo
  • Try and keep dodging and boosting only when you need to, since Balteus fires homing volleys of rockets
  • When you hear two beeps, watch out for a homing missile that will do a lot of damage if it catches you
  • When take away half of its health, the enemy will glow and release a huge pulse attack. Quickly move away and attack with long-range weapons (such as shoulder missiles).
  • After this, Balteus will start releasing high damage fire attacks. Keep to medium range and attack with your pulse blade when their attacks cool down. (Every three attacks or so)

Following these strategies you should be able to make quick work of Balteus and be well on your way towards the third chapter in the game.

That's all we have for you on how to beat Armored Core 6 Balteus. If you're looking for more tips on the game, check out Armored Core 6 Steam Deck and system requirements.

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