Armored Core 6 first boss - how to beat the helicopter

Armored Core 6 first boss - mech in the ice

Armored Core 6 first boss - mech in the ice

There is something quite irritating in being stuck at the initial boss fight in a game. But unfortunately, that happens a lot, especially in FromSoftware games. If you'are having trouble with the Armored Core 6 first boss, then you are not alone, but we are here to help.

It represents the first huge difficulty spike in the game, which has been so far definitely manageable. But now you need to show everything you've learned so far and you have to be ready.

But you don't have to go alone, take this guide with you in the fight against the helicopter, Armored Core 6 first boss, and defeat it.

How to beat the first boss in Armored Core 6

While your instinct might be to hang back and try to defeat the boss from far away, this doesn't work. Instead, we recommend adopting an aggressive stance and maintaining close proximity to the boss, since that really seems to be the optimal approach.

Also follow these tips:

  • Try to keep in the air as much as possible
  • Use your Pulse Blade melee attack when it stops moving (you can charge the attack by holding L2 or dish out two hits by attacking again after hitting. I recommend the latter)
  • Don’t stop firing your rifle and missiles
  • When you hear two beeps, try and fly away to avoid being hit by a big damage missile
  • Don’t forget to use a repair kit by pressing up on the D-Pad

Armored Core first boss - attacking the helicopter
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As soon as the battle is on, engage Assault Boost to close the distance swiftly and initiate a pulse blade combo. Then going on to combine rapid blade strikes with subsequent shots from your rifle and missiles. You might be able to stagger the boss for a few seconds which opens up the possibility for some strong combo sequences.

Armored Core 6 first boss - going under the belly
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Best strategy to beat the Armored Core 6 helicopter

The helicopter fight is definitely all about the timing. A great strategy is to position yourself beneath the AC12's underbelly, as this is its blind spot. As long as you stay underneath the helicopter, it won't be able to either fire missiles at you neither use the gun. This beast is toast.

Naturally, this still doesn't mean that the boss is easy, far from it. Do not get discouraged as you will be trying several times anyway. But keep at it and you should be able to get through the end of the first chapter.

That's all we have for you on Armored Core 6 first boss. For more tips and tricks, check out our guides on system requirements and open world.

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