Among Us in 3D: Fan builds VR Skeld map with working multiplayer, and it's free to play!

There are plenty of new games around at the moment to keep us all occupied as the nights get colder, darker, and moister.

Despite that, a lot of players are going back and revisiting a game that's not new, but has only recently taken off in a massive way.

No, we're not talking about the sleeper hit Fortnite, though we wouldn't be surprised if you've not heard of that one.

We're talking about Among Us, which is now available in VR… sort of.

Among Us is in VR now

Among Us has absolutely conquered this year with an absurd rise that can only be measured with the worlds longest ruler, and even then you'd need at least three or four of them to even get close.

This 2D game of deception has taken off because it's fun to watch, fun to play, and infuriating to lose.

Well, thanks to Twitter user @VR_Jar, you can now experience this wonderfully entertaining experience in VR.

As you can see, it really does look like a near-perfect version of Among Us in VR, and that's no easy feat.

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Why is Among Us so popular?

What even is Among Us though, and why on earth has it suddenly become so popular.

Well, Among Us is a game of deception where the vast majority of players try and complete tasks while one or two people try and kill everyone else off. You get to vote more or less whenever you want to eject people, and the baddies kill everyone it's over, but if they get booted out of the level or the good guys do all of their tasks then they win instead.

It's popular because it's the kind of thing that you'd normally see in a board game, but without being able to actually see each other, this is the best way to get this kind of experience.

Plus, you can no play it in VR, which is awesome.

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