Age Of Empires phone: Which AoE games can you play on iPhone iOS or Android devices?

When smart devices became more refined, faster, more powerful, hopes were being brought to what games could come to the devices we would carry in our pockets.

Even to tablets and watches, we were curious as to whether we would be playing Tetris on our smartwatches, or DOOM on our tablets.

This also applies to strategy games; with the mouse now on the iPad, there were wishes as to whether Age of Empires or Civilisation VI would come to the device.

While Civilisation has, Age of Empires is more of a tricky path to long-time fans of the series.

Which Entries are Available?

Cutting to the chase; only one Age of Empires game was available on Android and iOS in 2015.

Called 'Age of Empires: World Domination', it was a free-to-play game that lasted only one year, before being shut down in 2016.

With the remasters currently undergoing constant updates and expansions, it looks like the team are far too involved to even look at a mobile port of the series.

While 'Age of Empires IV' has been confirmed, there hasn't been much news there, possibly due to the pandemic in how it's slowed down many projects over the course of 2020.

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If not AoE, what else to play on mobile?

While there are, 'imitations' of the series available to play on both Stores, there just isn't an official entry from Microsoft currently.

It's a shame, and especially as other games such as Civilisation VI are available to play on iPad with nothing cut back, it's a massive breadth of opportunity for the developers to capitalise on.

It's been five years since 'World Domination' was available, and it looks like there's no other entry to appear on mobile devices just yet.

However, if you do have a device like a 'Surface', you can freely play an 'Age of Empires' game from GamePass or Steam for the time being.

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