How to find out if Fortnite is down

Fortnite remains one of the most popular games today with over 350 million players registered worldwide. But just like other online games, it receives updates and fixes which may require certain downtime.

Fortunately, the game developers at Epic are keen on providing information ahead of the downtime. With this in mind, players shouldn't worry if their game is down, as there's always clear communication.

There's a wide variety of ways to find out when Fortnite's servers are down, such as social accounts and even YouTubers who make their careers from Fortnite.

With that being said, here's how to find out if Fortnite is down.

Find out if Fortnite is down by checking the game-affiliated websites

You can check the current status of Fortnite by heading to two sites that may show whenever the game is live or down the moment you will play.

One of those would be the Epic Games' Status Site. It's a straightforward site that can let you know if the game is down, or scheduled to go down in the near future.

You can also visit the Fortnite Downdetector site to check the game's current status. The site also lists the number of reports involving server problems during the last 24 hours.

Check the status through their official Twitter account

Fortnite also has an official Twitter account that tells the game's status on a regular basis. You can look here for news about maintenance checks and updates that happen every once in a while.

Epic Games states the exact time when the downtime will begin, as well as when will the game go live. Usually, it takes at least 4 hours, but major updates such as new Seasons can take longer.

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