Fortnite is switching on RTX and DLSS: Check out the trailer and release date - plus, learn what ray-tracing and DLSS mean for Fortnite

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In the middle of an interesting time for Epic Games and Fortnite, here's some good news for fans: during a recent NVIDIA live stream, it was confirmed that Fortnite will turn RTX on shortly.

RTX is short for ray tracing, and ray tracing (as you probably already know) is basically the future of computer graphics. So this visual upgrade is exciting for Fortnite fans!

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Keep reading to learn more about Fortnite RTX...

Fortnite RTX trailer

With ray-tracing and DLSS coming to Fortnite through the power of NVIDIA GeForce, the graphics in Fortnite are due to get a major upgrade!

This will make your battle royale clashes look even better, and you'll also see improved graphics in those in-game concerts and other big events that take place in the game.

Check out the official Fortnite RTX trailer below...

Fortnite RTX: What is ray tracing?

First demoed by NVIDIA back in 2008, ray-tracing has only been implemented in games for the last three years, seeing huge strides in how existing games can be transformed by a different render of what the feature is capable of.

Essentially, the graphics component of something, whether if its a PC or a console, has the architecture to render graphics in a certain way, dictated by the programming of the game. The GPU then renders this on the instructions given.

With ray-tracing, a different method is performed, resulting in shaders, colours and graphics being rendered in a completely different way, which renders the graphics dependant on the lighting, reflections, and even colours of whatever room the player is in. In turn, its mimicking how these properties would look like in the real-world to an almost 1:1 scale.

Essentially that is what ray-tracing is in its simplest form. Because of this, it also allows released games to take advantage of this, thanks to mods by developers and the graphics cards that support ray-tracing, such as Minecraft and the GeForce ’20 Series’, from the 2060 to the 2080 RTX Super.

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Fortnite DLSS: What is DLSS?

DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling) - It uses AI directly from the GPU Chip to boost framerates when its below the desired amount, and changes the rendering and the load of the GPU card on the fly while you're playing a game.

So if you're playing in 1440P and there's some lag, DLSS can kick in and help optimise the framerate to make sure that everything is at a smooth 60FPS.

Fortnite RTX release date

We don't know the exact release date/launch day for Fortnite RTX, but the official trailer above does promise that ray tracing and DLSS are "coming soon" to the game.

As soon as we know an official date, we'll be sure to let you know! Watch this space...

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