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How To Fix Fortnite Game Chat And Voice Chat If Your Mic Is Not Working In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

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How To Fix Fortnite Game Chat And Voice Chat If Your Mic Is Not Working In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

The Fortnite voice chat not working issue is among the most frustrating errors in the game, so how can you fix it and get back on the mic?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is in full swing, with players jumping back into the battle royale game to see what Epic has in store for them. As always when you need to download a new Fortnite update, there may be a few bugs or glitches that disrupt your gameplay experience. Alongside the classic Fortnite matchmaking error, one of the most common of these stops your in-game voice chat from working.

This can be especially frustrating if it happens during a game, as without proper communication with your teammates, other players can easily get the jump on you. Read on for our guide on how to fix Fortnite's voice chat if your mic isn't working.

How To Fix Fortnite Game Voice Chat

If you can't hear your teammates in Fortnite or they can't hear you, these are some of the fixes that will have you chatting again in no time.

Leave your Xbox or PlayStation party

This is one of the most common reasons that the Fortnite voice chat might appear not to be working, especially if you're playing Fortnite with friends on different platforms.

Xbox or PlayStation parties always take priority over in-game voice chats, so if you were talking in a party chat before jumping onto Fortnite, make sure that everyone you're playing with has left their party chats.

Of course, if your Xbox Party Chat is not working, that might be an entirely separate issue, too.

Check your microphone

This is an issue more with your hardware than Fortnite, but if you're using a cheap or older headset, its extended use might just mean its microphone has broken.

To test this on a console, check that your mic isn't muted before starting a party chat and speaking into the microphone. If you can see the mic symbol moving, then your mic is working fine and there may be other issues that need fixing. Alternatively, if Xbox mic echo is ruining your Fortnite voice chat, you might want to fix that, too.

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Check your Fortnite game chat settings

If you go to your audio settings in Fortnite, you can adjust the voice chat settings. Make sure that the volume is turned up loud enough compared to the other types of audio, particularly the music and sound effects.

Once you have done this, go to your voice chat settings and make it enabled sure voice chat. You will also need to check that Parental Controls are not enabled in-game, as this disables the use of voice chat.

While the most important Parental Control to change is to make sure Voice Chat is on, it's also good to turn off the Mature Language filter as this may also affect voice chat capabilities.

Choose the right Fortnite voice channel

Fortnite has two different voice channels available for players: Party Channel and Game Channel.

If you want to only talk with those who you've queued up with, make sure your whole squad has the voice chat set to the Party Channel. If you're playing Squad Fill and want to talk with the teammates you've been paired with, switch to the Game Channel.

You can change between these channels in the Social menu.

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Restart the game


It sounds odd, but sometimes if you've done everything right and still can't hear your teammates, restarting Fortnite or your device will solve your voice chat issues.

Use a different communication channel

If after all this, you still cannot hear your teammates, setting up a chat on a Discord server, Skype or even a standard phone call may offer a temporary solution to your voice chat issues.

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