Epic v Apple antitrust lawsuit starts in Australia before US finishes

Epic Games is wasting no time in continuing their fight against Apple. After months of legal proceedings in the United States, the Epic v Apple case will be starting afresh in Australia. While that's happening, the US Court has yet to decide on their official ruling.

What is Epic v Apple about?

The months-long Epic v Apple antitrust lawsuit is specifically targeting Apple’s anticompetitive hold over the iOS platform. Moreso than their hold on MacOS, Apple’s unwillingness for competing storefronts and app sideloading gives them an iOS monopoly.

Epic's argument is that developers who wish to sell to the many millions of iOS users also have to pay Apple. On top of fees to use the App Store, any purchase made on iOS results on 15% to 30% of the profit going to Apple.

Epic Games is not the only company that's turning against Apple. As the company restricts video game streaming services, Microsoft also joined the fight.

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Moving to Australia

The Epic v Apple case is not finished in the United States. While both parties have made their arguments in court, the court has no declared an official ruling. No matter what happens in the US, that won't be the end of the battle, as Epic Games is moving into Australia.

Initially, the United States Court blocked Epic's plans to take the fight to Australia. However, that decision was overruled and Epic is allowed to continue the fight. Epic attires that cases “which deal with conduct that impacts on Australian markets and Australian consumers” should be fought in Australia.

It’s not known if the United States ruling of the ongoing case will change the outcome of the Austrian case. However, any win for Epic Games will likely result in major changes for the Apple ecosystem.

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