Why Isn't Bloodborne Coming To PC Yet?

You may well have heard that the latest PlayStation exclusive coming to PC is Dad of Boy. Wait, Angry Man Doesn't Go To Therapy. No, wait, God of War, there it is. For fans of throwing axes and having impressive beards, it's an exciting time! It's also becoming something of a trend now, with both Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn already on PC.

It's wonderful to see these former exclusives making the leap to PC where they can enjoy a new audience. Additionally, it's nice to see PlayStation being a little freer with some of their IP. However, we need to address the fact that the (hyperbole incoming) only game worth having on PC still isn't actually getting ported.

Where is Bloodborne?

Bloodborne, as many of you know, is the only PlayStation exclusive FromSoftware game. That's the company that made Dark Souls, and are at least partially responsible for the influx of massive difficulty spikes in lots of games now. Despite it being an outrageously popular title, and one of the best games on the PS4.

It seems like an obvious choice for the PC. For starters, FromSoftware fans will literally buy any game from the company as many times as is needed, which must be the case given that we've had multiple versions of several of the Dark Souls games. So, you know it's going to make a lot of money. It's also sure to reinvigorate the game, which is much-beloved by most people with a PS4 despite generally hating everyone who plays it.

Plus, PC brings in one huge factor that is utterly lacking when it comes to console gaming: mods. The modding scene for Soulslikes is huge. Mods like Cinders and Convergence for Dark Souls 3, and Daughter's of Ash for Dark Souls 1, completely change how the games work by adding in new classes, new boss fights, and even entirely new mechanics. If Bloodborne comes to PC, you can be 100% certain that the same will happen for it too.

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When could we see Bloodborne on PC?

While there's definitely a lot of voices asking for Bloodborne to come to PC, it's a little perplexing when you think about why it hasn't happened yet. However, there is at least one reason why it may well never happen at this point, even though it feels like a missed opportunity.

While this is all speculation at present, it seems as though Bluepoint, the studio responsible for a lot of remasters including the Demon's Souls remaster for PS5, could well be doing the same for Bloodborne. Not only that, but they're rumoured to be working on a sequel as well.

As it stands, that's all just hearsay for now, but the idea is certainly an intriguing one, and there's no doubt at all that it would make sense given the company's legacy. Of course, we're also secretly hoping that won't stop Bloodborne coming to PC, but we're running out of logical reasons for why it's not already happened, so here we are.

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