This brilliant PS2 PC crushes your PS4 and looks cooler too

At one point in time, Sony's PlayStation 2 was the most powerful console on the market. Those days didn't last long in the midst of Microsoft’s Xbox, but that didn't stop the PS2 from becoming the best selling console of all time. The memories forged by Sony's consoles are unforgettable for millions, including WiP PC Modz creator John Patrick Wong.

From the bones of an original PHAT PlayStation 2, Wong has brought the console into the future through the power of PC gaming. Compared to the console of old, this PS2 PC is a beast.

Why did they make the PS2 PC?

Many would assume that Wong created the PlayStation 2 based purely on aesthetics. It’s a good guess; the PlayStation 2 is still an attractive console despite its age. However, nostalgia and familiarity played an important role in his PC project.

“I found this concept very interesting because, first of all, it reminds me of my childhood memories,” Wong told us. “[The PS2] was the second console that was given to me by my father when I was a child. I think it's the best way to showcase it.”

Secondly, Wong has used the project to design the perfect mini-PC – one that can be easily taken from place-to-place. “It’s the convenience of carrying it with you whenever you will go: to a LAN party at your friend's, or your family's,” the modder said.

Wong designed the machine as a multipurpose device. Despite its gaming roots, the PlayStation PC is not designed to play the most demanding AAA games. Instead, the project's purpose is for general use and entertainment: “watching movies, playing casual games or even copying files.”

As for gaming, the modder does plan on reliving some glorious PlayStation 2 memories through emulation. Specifically, they plan on revisiting Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, Twisted Metal and Crash Team Racing.

How powerful is the PS2 PC?

Wong's PlayStation 2 PC project is a pretty capable machine. Powered by a Ryzen 5 2400G on a B450i AORUS Pro motherboard, the project is perfect for its general entertainment purposes. For added power, the machine is paired with 16GB of TeamGroup T-Force Night Hawk RAM and a 250GB SSD.

Packing this much power into such a small form factor was no easy task. The PS2 chassis is too cramped for most PC components; Wong had to incorporate a smaller FSP power supply instead of a full-sized ATX box.

“What's the hardest part of this case mod? It was cable management.” Wong told us. “Because we have cramped space here below and we need to compress everything just to fit. Actually, it's my very first time working on a small form factor build. I usually create projects that are large.”

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What's next for WiP PC mods?

Wong’s creativity knows no bounds. Following the release of the PlayStation 2 PC, the hardware modder plans on releasing numerous projects in the near future. While there aren't specifically any plans to revisit PlayStation, retro builds are still on the table.

“For our next project, I have so many thoughts in my mind, but probably I will also work on a sleeper build to complete our retro theme,” he said.  “[After that], we'll probably push through our Threadripper build very soon”

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