I would rather use Skype than have meetings in The Metaverse

There’s something rather weird about the push towards The Metaverse. As brands back the virtual reality technology, the next-gen Internet of The Metaverse not only feels underbaked, but also extremely forced.

The current generation of the Internet is a technological plateau that many feel comfortable sticking with. However, with the VR, locked-in future offering new ways to play, relax and work, do we really want to “meet in The Metaverse”? I know one thing: I don’t.

Meetings in The Metaverse

Over the pandemic, working from home and communicating with friends was a huge obstacle for some. However, in a move straight out of the early 2000s, video calling services came to save us from boredom. Whether it was Microsoft’s aged Skype, or Microsoft Teams (just Skype with a calendar), Zoom or another, service, video calls saved us.

However, with Meta and other companies looking to create a fully immersive virtual world, huge corporations want to replace simple Zoom calls with mixed reality meet-ups. But why?

Connecting virtual reality and augmented reality, Metaverse meetings aim to stuff everyone in the virtual world. A quick stats call in the morning? Better strap that headset on your face and peer into a crap 3D world. Want to discuss plans for Q4, that’s an hour in VR, my guy.

The idea of VR meetings isn’t entirely terrible. There is a sense of being together and items such as virtual whiteboards can help you express ideas when words can’t be found. However, there’s just too much faff surrounding the technology.

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I’d rather use Skype

The idea of performing all meetings inside a virtual world is utterly tiring. After years of remote working — which studies have proven to be more effective than office work — there’s no need to recreate the virtual office.

In fact, that’s all the Metaverse aims to do, recreate the office environment that many have already deemed to be ineffective, and don’t forget soul crushing. There’s nothing that the Metaverse offers that can’t be done without a screen strapped to your face. In fact, there’s nothing the Metaverse offers that can’t be done on Skype, the lowest bar of quality for all video messaging services.

It’s not a product that anyone needs, it’s only ever going to be an addition to the primary internet we have now. Virtual reality is a superfluous addition, and so is any perceivable version of a “Metaverse”. Yes, you can dress up as Master Chief, or a furry if you’re brave, but we all know what happens in a Metaverse job: you dress up as you and you act professionally in a world of unlimited possibilities.

Metaverse meetings aim to take the fun out of the virtual world. To turn your playspace into a boring, corporate board room and suck any spirit out of virtual reality. So, yeah, I’d rather stick to Skype. Well, actually, Teams. It’s better for meetings. 

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