I need Brendan Fraser in the MCU and I don't care who he plays

If there’s any actor who honestly deserves better, it’s Brendan Fraser. In the late 90s and early 2000s, the actor was unstoppable. Fraser took leading roles in The Mummy Trilogy, George Of The Jungle and Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. There was a time when it felt like Fraser was in almost everything. However, in the early 2010s, he just kind of disappeared. He stopped getting leading roles, fading into "Oh my god, it's Brendan Fraser!" moments on TV reruns.

That was until he started moving into TV roles, finding a new audience and success with supporting roles in TV dramas. Fraser has starred in shows like The Affair, Trust and Texas Rising. One of his most interesting roles in recent years is the DC Universe action series Doom Patrol. It’s his work in TV and specifically Doom Patrol that I believe could make him a fantastic candidate for a Marvel project. After all, everyone loved Owen Wilson in Loki!

Brendan Fraser has incredible range 

Brendan Fraser would be a perfect fit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that he has range. The guy can act in any number of roles; Fraser always brings a believable performance to the screen. He’s been in comedy films like George Of The Jungle, proven his stunt chops in the Mummy and even shown his ability to play serious roles in 2005’s Crash. 

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Fraser is the kind of actor who can do it all, which would make him a perfect fit for any role in the Marvel universe. While he may not have the physical ability he once had to perform stunts – long-term injuries from The Mummy and other action flicks plague the actor — he can still do everything else. His acting ability would make him the perfect fit for any number of projects. 

He has shown time and time again that he can both lead and support, making him the perfect fit for an ensemble Marvel project that could spin off into a separate project further down the line. Whether he plays a superhero, or a supporting character, he’ll fit in perfectly. 

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Doom Patrol proves he's ready

Brendan Fraser plays Cliffe Steel, an adrenaline junkie who ends up in an accident which sees him turned into a walking-robot with a brain. It’s the perfect role for Fraser, as he can display his voice acting chops, without having to put in strenuous amounts of physical work. Considering this is Fraser’s first major superhero role, it almost feels like he could have done this a long time ago. His portrayal of the robot man is one of the highlights of the TV show, made all the better by his performance. 

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It’s Fraser’s performance in Doom Patrol that shows how he could be a great asset to the MCU. The actor had previously auditioned to play Superman in what would become Superman Returns, a role played by Brandon Routh. However, his role as Cliffe Steel feels far more suited to his acting abilities. Every character in Doom Patrol has personal demons and a human element outside of their unusual abilities. Superman is a great hero, but there’s rarely any genuine depth in his character.

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Who could he play?

The great thing about Marvel is that there are a wealth of characters to choose from. With decades and decades of stories to choose from, the sky's the limit when choosing who Brendan Fraser could play. He certainly is better suited to portraying an older character, as he is now in his 50s in real life.

There are a number of great older heroes and older versions of younger heroes in the MCU. If it wasn't for Josh Brolin's perfect casting of Cable, a time-hopping bounty hunter, Fraser would've fit that role to a T.

On the villain front, Fraser seems a shoe-in for an MCU version of Norman Osborn. Of course, that would depend on Marvel isn't already planning on bringing back the flawless Willem Dafoe. Anyways, while Brendan Fraser could certainly do a villainous performance, he's just too likable! Brendan Fraser is a hero!

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It's hard to imagine anyone following this up.

We know that Marvel is currently working on bringing the Fantastic Four to the MCU. This leaves a fantastic space for Fraser as Ben Grimm, aka, The Thing! Considering Frazer’s work with Cliffe Steel, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine him portraying The Thing with someone else standing in for the more physical elements of the role. Honestly though, there are countless character’s he could easily play, and I honestly just want to see him as part of the MCU.

Having been turned down for Superman only a few years ago, not feels like the perfect time to find a leading superhero role Brendan Fraser is one of the most likeable actors in Hollywood, and it’s time he got the leading star status he so deserves. 

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