GigaBash’s Godzilla DLC is the best modern showing for the King of Monsters

burning godzilla on top of gigabash keyart

Since 1959’s Gojira, Toho’s Godzilla monster has become one of the most iconic characters to ever grace the cinema screen. Born out of the flames of post-war Japan, the allegory for nuclear warfare has since become a media phenomenon, making its way into anything from Hanna-Barbera cartoons to Funko Pops. Of course, sweet old Goji has even made his way into video games.

Despite his monstrous fame, Godzilla video games have been a rough affair. The Big G’s last standalone game was Bandai Namco’s infamous Godzilla (2014), a fantastic pit of fan service, but nothing more. (I loved it, sue me.) Eight years on, and the best Godzilla game in decades has fallen into our laps in the form of an all-new GigaBash Godzilla DLC pack, an add-on for an indie party-fighter.

Released on December 6th on PlayStation and PC, the new GigaBash Godzilla DLC adds four new characters to the game for just £8.99. These characters include Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, Gigan and Destroyah, the latter being a pick very few non-Goji fans will have heard of.

every monster in the godzilla gigabash dlc pack
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Here are all of the monsters included in the new DLC pack.

Developed by Malaysian developer Passion Republic Games, GigaBash was already one of the best Kaiju games on the market. Simplistic combat across a selection of highly destructive maps lets you wreak havoc as a massive monster should, destroying buildings and stomping civilians as you fight rival giant monsters in a world-trotting adventure.

It’s obvious that Passion Republic Games is a huge fan of Godzilla, specifically the character’s Heisei Era movies, more specifically Godzilla vs Gigan. Multiple hilarious Goji memes are present: the flying dropkick and his stupid, adorable dance. However, it is missing the series’ best meme: Jet Jaguar.

Gigan in GigaBash Godzilla DLC attacking another monster
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Gigan is far from fans' fave monster, but his inclusion is still nice to see. Unfortunately, his iconic drill attack is missing, as it's already used by an original monster in the game.

Each character in this DLC feels fully realised with brilliant high-quality models and complete movesets. Godzilla comes equipped with slow punches and kicks as well as his atomic breath whereas MechaGodzilla primarily fights with guns and missiles. Meanwhile, Gigan is a dangerously fast fighter, zipping across the map and frantically slicing at enemies. Finally, the demonic Destroyah stomps through the battlefield, dragging enemies and sapping their health away to buff itself.

The GigaBash Godzilla DLC pack doesn’t add any new maps or alternate skins for its new cast, but every character is presented beautifully. While it would’ve been nice to see different versions of the Big G — say, Hideaki Anno’s brilliant Shin Godzilla — we can’t fault what’s here. Although, some of the new picks are weird, to say the least.

Burning Godzilla performing an atomic breath attack in GigaBash
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Once you gain enough energy, you can make your Kaiju grow to tremendous size. Doing this with Godzilla turns him into Burning Godzilla!

Like, we get the inclusion of MechaGodzilla, especially the Mark 3 “Kiryu” model, and Destroyah is awesome. But we can’t imagine anyone choosing Gigan over, say, the iconic King Ghidorah! Everyone loves King Ghidorah! Then again, knowing Toho, there are likely extra rights involved to get monsters like Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah involved.

The only issue with the GigaBash Godzilla DLC is that I crave more. After seeing the quality of Passion Republic Games’ new characters, I would love to see all of Toho’s monsters on screen. If not, I’ll settle for just Jet Jaguar. Please? Pretty please?

the best kaiju character ever: jet jaguar giving a thumbs up
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