Predatory Escape from Tarkov DLC Proves Why Steam Is the Only Platform We Trust

Two solders from Escape from Tarkov in front of a Steam library page
Credit: Battlestate Games

Two solders from Escape from Tarkov in front of a Steam library page
Credit: Battlestate Games

Recently, Escape from Tarkov has been swarmed with drama. Developer Battlestate Games released a new edition that exclusively holds access to an upcoming PvE mode, while also hiding some pay-to-win features within the exclusive Unheard Edition. However, this drama proves one thing - Steam is the only PC storefront we can truly trust... at least, for now.

If you're unfamiliar with the drama, let's take it back a few steps. Originally, Battlestate Games sold a premium edition called Edge of Darkness, which would set you back over $100. As part of the edition, it promised customers all future DLC for free, which sounds like a great deal.

However, that's not completely true. Battlestate Games recently announced an upcoming PvE mode, something that isn't affected by the regular Escape from Tarkov wipes and offers unlimited progression. Much like the already-forgotten Escape from Tarkov Arena, Battlestate Games are attempting to call this a separate game mode, but unlike Arena, they were trying to pull a fast one by stopping EOD owners from accessing it.

The PvE DLC was originally announced as an exclusive for the Unheard Edition - the most expensive edition for the game now, which would set you back $250 and offered the PvE mode on top of some pay-to-win bonuses. EOD customers can upgrade to the Unheard Edition, but it seems like a stab in the back after promising all future DLCs.

Now, following a fairly terrible statement, and more "sorry-not-sorry" feedback from Battlestate Games, which confirmed to users that PvE is not DLC in their eyes before doubling down on the upgrade. However, Battlestate Games have lovingly given the opportunity for EOD players to "test" the PvE mode in early access, before paying for it at a discount.

Escape from Tarkov has been offering paid access to the closed beta since it released, which was back in 2017. However, despite being in early access for almost seven years, the game isn't in a release state, and it seems the funds are going to other projects within Battlestate Games, like the failed Arena and the upcoming PvE expansion.

Unfortunately, this has been the last straw for many Escape from Tarkov fans. Plenty are uninstalling the game after pouring thousands of hours in, and after dealing with cheaters of all kinds, alongside Battlestate Games' various broken promises, it's become too much. However, you can only purchase the game via the official website, and as such, you won't be refunded despite the recent changes.

However, while it's not certain, I imagine that Steam wouldn't allow for this to happen. It's one thing to be in early access for years, which many other titles have done, like 7 Days to Die, but it's another to hold back certain DLC from buyers who were promised all DLC, and forcing them to purchase something else.

If Escape from Tarkov was on Steam, I would hope to see Valve take action against these predatory issues. It's unclear whether that would be the case or not, but Valve doesn't take major changes or false advertising, like The Day Before incident, lightly.

With all of the Escape from Tarkov server errors and the issues with EFT's anti-cheat, or a lack of a decent one for that matter, Battlestate Games needs to do a lot to repair any goodwill with the community. If there's any left, of course.

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