Warner Bros won't replace Ezra Miller as The Flash despite multiple arrests

The last couple of months have not been great for Ezra Miller. During an extended period, the actor synonymous with Warner Bros Studios’ DC universe has been arrested twice for alleged harassment and assault. 

In one instance, Miller was arrested after reportedly harassing patrons of a karaoke bar. Afterwards, a restraining order was filed against the actor after they allegedly threatened to kill and bury them. Finally, Miller was arrested again after allegedly throwing a chair at a woman, causing a gash in her forehead. 

Will Warner Bros fire Ezra Miller? 

Amid this period of arrest, many fans have wondered whether or not Warner Bros will fire Ezra Miller. With the actor responsible for almost a dozen different disturbances actors Hawaii, Miller’s reputation with is dwindling. 

Nevertheless, new reports claim that the studio is planning to do nothing about Miller’s behaviour. While some rumours have claimed that the actor will be replaced with TV The Flash actor Grant Gustin for future films, others claim that’s not true. 

After a conflicting report released claiming that Warner was eyeing up The Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien would take over as The Flash, another outlet immediately shut it down. Via Variety, a trusted film source, Miller’s role as The Flash is not changing. 

“I'm told that WB is *not* considering replacing Ezra Miller on THE FLASH,” the outlet revealed. “Miller was arrested twice in Hawai'i this year, once for disorderly conduct and harassment, and again for second-degree assault."

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The Flash can’t outrun this 

Even if Warner Bros isn’t replacing Ezra Miller, that doesn’t mean The Flash series is safe. While Warner was hoping that the oncoming movie would be the face of its new, Marvel-esque approach to superhero movies, The Flash might be benched very soon. 

With Warner also shuttering the Fantastic Beasts series early, another Miller-centric series, the studio might end up distancing itself from the actor anyways. After all, with the company already dealing with the aftermath of supporting Amber Heard, it may need a batch of good press. 

Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie isn’t releasing until June, 2023. This means that Warner does still have time to recast and reshoot if need be. However, it looks like the studio is still standing behind Miller for the time being. 

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