Venom 2's Carnage design is the best look we could've asked for

They say that guilty pleasures don't really exist. You like what you like, you're just ashamed that the vast majority thinks it's crap. I disagree. Following the release of Venom in 2018, I know the full extent of having a guilty pleasure movie. I imagine the same will be true of its upcoming sequel, Let There Be Carnage.

No matter what happens in the upcoming sequel, I'm sure that I'll love most seconds of it. Even if the movie is absolutely unapologetically bad, it at least has one thing going for it: that Carnage design is goddamn perfection.

 Venom 2 has the perfect Carnage design

If there's one thing the 2018 Venom movie got right, it was the amazing design of its title character. That first appearance of the full Venom design, piecing itself together around Eddie Brock, is an awesome moment for fans of the character. He's tall and imposing, his teeth are huge stalagmite-stalactites that could certainly rip a man to shreds. Even without his iconic chest-spider insignia, It’s awesome.

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Venom has appeared on film before, but his most famous foe Carnage has not. Thankfully, it’s apparent from the Venom 2 movie trailer that they've absolutely nailed to design of his movie debut. Just like in the comics, the character has an uncomfortably thin, spindly design. Of course, Carnage also has his iconic spiky tendrils for peak stabbing ability.

Movie adaptations of comic book villains have often been less accurate than that of their heroes. Even in prior Spider-Man movies, Venom (SP3), Green Goblin and Vulture have all had vastly different designs from their comic book incarnations. With this in mind, it's awesome to see Sony provide us with a great and accurate Carnage for their upcoming movie.

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