Spider-Man 4 reportedly reunites Maguire and Raimi for multiverse madness

Evil Dead director Sam Raimi is returning to the world of superheroes with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. In other news, the director could also be returning to his original Spider-Man trilogy afterwards. What could a possible Spider-Man 4 do? A lot, actually.

In a new rumor, Raimi and Spider-Man actor Toby Maguire will reunite for an upcoming fourth Spidey flick. However, the new film won't use prior Raimi plans but will instead focus on multiverse ideas set up in the MCU.

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4

According to GiantFreakingRobot, Raimi and Maguire are in talks about a possible Spider-Man 4 movie at Sony. Spidey's older self will reportedly be set up in the upcoming Raimi-directed Doctor Strange movie. An additional appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home will properly return character to fans. With the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, it's well-known that Sony wants a live-action stab at the idea.

Current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland plans to take a break from the character after No Way Home, but Sony still wants Spidey films. The Raimi trilogy is by far the most popular version of the character, especially online. As a result, Sony reportedly wants a revival of the cancelled Maguire series in the near future.

Raimi's original plans for a Spider-Man 4 involved The Vulture and Mysterio, two characters used in the MCU. The original script has been leaked for years, and the villains' use in recent MCU projects make them unusable for a Raimi's project. However, Raimi allegedly plans to use Strange's multiverse to setup universe hopping adventures in the new Spidey film.

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Who else would return?

If Raimi were to create a fourth Spider-Man movie, multiple other characters have the opportunity to turn up. There is the possibility of the original Aunt May returning with 93-year-old Rosemary Harris still being an active actress.

Spider-Man would be incomplete without his long-time love interest Mary Jane, portrayed by Kirsten. However, if the actress was unwilling to return, the third movie did cast Bryce Dallas Howard as classic love interest Gwen Stacy. If all else fails, Elizabeth Banks' Betty Brant was a popular love interest for the movie hero.

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