Space Entertainment Enterprise will build a movie studio and sports arena in space

Movie production studio Space Entertainment Enterprise will be creating the first movie in space with Tom Cruise. While there's no date for the project, the untitled space film will partner with SpaceX to film among the stars.

However, the ambitious film production company wants to do more than just one movie. To achieve this, Space Entertainment Enterprise will be building a movie studio and sports arena in space for future projects.

Spacebound production studio by Space Entertainment Enterprise

Reported by Variety, the production company will be building their first space production studio by the end of 2024. Dubbed SEE-1, the studio space station will also house a sports and entertainment arena.

The studio will be a module for Axiom Statement, the Entertainment arm of the International Space Station. This module will also be designed to handle other forms of commercialism, encouraging space tourism.

S.E.E. plans to use the new space studio to produce original content, such as the aforementioned Tom Cruise movie. Additionally, third-party companies will be able to rent the studio to film content or host events.

The station will have facilities that allow development, production, recording, broadcasting and livestreaming in space. Of course, all of this will have to be done in a low-gravity environment, so it’s not designed for all forms of content.

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A new era for movie making?

Space Entertainment Enterprise founders Elena and Dmitry Lesnevsky explained that SEE-1 is an “exciting new chapter in space”. The founders believe that the station will provide “a unique, and accessible home for boundless entertainment possibilities in a venue packed with innovative infrastructure”.

It’s yet to be seen what benefits there are to making a movie entirely in space. Outside of the unique experience for actors, Earth-based technology is already good enough to create realistic “space” scenes with CGI and Zero-G machines.

Nevertheless, it would be incredibly cool to film a movie in space. After all, who would turn form the opportunity to escape Earth?

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