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Morbius appears to take place in The Amazing Spider-Man universe

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The upcoming release of Jared Leto's Morbius movie is becoming extremely confusing. Sony's vampiric anti-hero flick is taking another classic Spider-Man villain in a new direction. However, fans are becoming ever-more confused at the movie's place in Sony's Spider-Man extended universe.

Sony's first teaser trailer for Morbius raised several eyebrows with the inclusion of a Raimi-era Spider-Man mural and Homecoming's Adrian Toomes. With the release of a new trailer, that confusion has only been exacerbated.

Morbius could take place in The Amazing Spider-Man universe

Reported by The Direct, a leaked version of the upcoming second Morbius trailer shows references to The Amazing Spider-Man. In an establishing shot, one building shows an Oscorp logo along its top. The issue: this is the Oscorp logo used in The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

Despite having numerous references to the Raimi-verse, Morbius does not use the Raimi Trilogy’s Oscorp logo. Additionally, the main MCU Spider-Man doesn't currently have any confirmed version of Oscorp.

This could mean multiple things. For starters, Morbius could take place in its own universe with Raimi’s Spidey, but TASM’s Oscorp. Secondly, Morbius could take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the events of No Way Home.

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Will Spider-Man: No Way Home merge the Spider-Man universes?

With all of the hints Morbius has left, it does appear that the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home will result in the multiple Spider-Man universes becoming a main part of the MCU. This matches up with numerous previous leaks such as a continuation of Raimi’s trilogy in the near future.

Converging all three Spidey universes would be a huge move for Marvel, but it does make sense. With major aspects of the Spidey universe left out of the MCU, such as Oscorp, this could bridge the gap for the future of the franchise.


Lastly, this form of universe convergence is already happening in the MCU. The recently released Venom: Let There Be Carnage ended with Venom coming into the main MCU. This could surely happen for Morbius.

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