Jason Statham reportedly urged to join DCEU by The Rock

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? That's right, it's an all-star cast. The star and producer of DC's Black Adam movie is allegedly planning on bringing Jason Statham into the fold.

Following their kindling friendship from Fast and Furious and Hobbs and Shaw, The Rock is reportedly attempting to get Statham into the DCEU. At the time of writing, there's no confirmation of what character Statham would play.

Will Jason Statham be in the DCEU?

Reported by We Got This Covered, The Rock is attempting to bring Jason Statham into Warner Bros’ DCEU. Allegedly leaked to them by the person who leaked Ben Affleck's return for The Flash, it's not an unbelievable rumour.

Reportedly, Dwayne Johnson is attempting to convince Statham to look into nabbing a DCEU role. With Statham's cinema roles more B-list than Hollywood, it would be great to see the actor grab more high-profile opportunities.

There's no knowing if Statham will accept a superhero role for the DCEU. In the past, the actor has already turned down an appearance in the MCU. Furthermore, the actor slated the superhero genre as something “any guy can do... even his grandma".

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Statham's Superhero Past

Statham's judgement of Marvel and DC superhero movies doesn't mean the actor is against other movies. The actor's complaints target the flaccid stunts seen in the majority of movies. While some superhero adventures, like Birds of Prey, certainly put effort into their stunts, others don't.

Statham says that fights in most superhero movies don't feel "authentic". With the actor's decades-long background in action movies and stunts, it's obvious that on-screen action is important to Statham. Even when it comes to the star's Fast and Furious appearances, the actor's scenes include some fantastic stuntwork.

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