Amber Heard posts Aquaman 2 Mera photo after booting rumours spread

Aquaman 2 star Amber Heard has shared an image of her as Mera following rumours that she is being sidelined in the sequel.

After rumours circulated that she was being benched for the majority of Aquaman 2, actress Amber Heard is fighting back. In a new Instagram post, the actress revealed an on-set photo of her as the underwater princess for the sequel.

Is Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

Despite fans asking for the actress to be removed from upcoming Warner Bros movies, Amber Heard is in Aquaman 2. Just today, the actress shared an on-set image of her as Mera behind the scenes. While not in full Mera attire, the actress is clearly getting ready to shoot scenes as the character.

In the image, Heard is reading a copy of Iain Banks' Surface Detail,  a science fiction novel from 2010. Heard's image clearly shows the actress with Mera's red hair which isn't the star's natural hair colour.

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“Before Aquaman took the last pages out of this book ?‍♀️ #gettingakindleforaquaman2,” reads the image's caption.

Will Mera be a main character in Aquaman 2?

While Heard may be returning as Mera in Aquaman 2, she might not be as prevalent as before. Following the controversy surrounding the actress and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, rumours are claiming that Warner Bros wants to reduce her role.

Furthermore, additional rumours have claimed that Heard is trying to get more screen time in the sequel. With numerous other characters planned to be introduced in Aquaman 2, the role of Mera is said to be decreased from the original.

Of course, none of these rumours have any hard evidence at the time of writing. We’ll have to wait until December be next year to find out how much of the movie will involve Amber Heard.

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