Farmers trap cows in virtual reality fields to improve milk production

As major companies like Meta — formerly Facebook — attempt to put human life inside VR, humanity is approaching a sci-fi dystopia. However, while mankind is reaching that Matrix future, farmers are already putting livestock there.

Reported by Futurism, farmers in Turkey have started to force cows into virtual reality. Instead of raising cows in real greenery, the farmers have resorted to emulating the experience inside virtual reality headsets.

Farmers put VR headsets on cows

One farmer, who keeps his cows inside a barn, started to use the technology in an attempt to improve productivity. He theorised that emulating the perfect environment for the livestock would help to increase the amount of milk produced.

Speaking the Turkish news organisation Anadolu Ajansi, the virtual reality stunt has allegedly worked. The Turkish man clicked that providing them virtual greenery gives the cows “an emotional boost”. This means that the cows are the less stressed, improving milk production.

“We get an average of 22 litres of milk per day from the cows in our farm,” the man told the outlet. “The milk average of the two cows [that] wore virtual reality glasses was up to 27 litres.”

The bovine farmer’s experiment isn't the only time this dystopian farming has occurred. In fact, he was inspired by a Russian experiment from 2019 that saw positive results. However, the experiment hasn’t been practiced since then.

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Cows first, humans second

Strapping virtual reality headsets onto cows is one of the most dystopian stories we can imagine. However, the bizarre bovine Matrix reality is just a flash of what the Metaverse future hopes for humanity as well.

For example, Meta — once Facebook — wants virtual and mixed reality to become infused with daily life. Instead of working at home or an office, the company wants everything done inside its Metaverse.

Work, play, shopping, relaxation will all be done in this virtual land. You can trick yourself by working in a relaxing cottage, but it won't be real. It's a faux world to trick you into being happier in an effort to expunge every last drip of productivity from you.

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