Apple driverless car said to have no windows, but VR passthrough

With smartphones and computers already tapped out, iPhone creator Apple is looking for new industries to venture into. Outside of its typical products, the company is looking to delve into mixed reality headsets as well as creating an Apple driverless car.

In development since 2014, the upcoming vehicle is said to be a huge deal for the company. However, with a bizarre, almost alienating leaked design, will the car be adopted by the general public?

What does the Apple driverless car look like?

Reported by VR Scout, a new patent for the Apple Car reveal a bizarrely futuristic aesthetic for the upcoming vehicle. Designed almost like a civilian vehicle from generic sci-fi shows, the patent reveals a sleek, closed-in look that is completely different to contemporary vehicles. If anything, the design resembles an Apple Magic Mouse.

The Apple driverless car is so closed-in that the vehicle is completely void of any windows. Instead, the electric, self-driving car has a VR headset that will give users a view of the outside. The headset could also be used for business people to conduct meetings inside their vehicles… unless they to through a tunnel.

Apple’s vehicle patent also shows an entertainment focus that most cars don't have. With the car’s VR support, the patent mentions possible games and experiences that could use the technology. For example, the patent explains that a drive to work could be changed into a car chase from a zombie horde or other exciting scenarios.

The vehicle is also expected to be a family friendly design. With Apple’s entire philosophy being tethered to families and accessibility, the vehicle will likely seat at least four. And they'll all be stuck in VR.

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A dystopian cruise

The idea of a family cruising down town in a car with no windows is intently p inherently dystopian, disconnecting humankind from nature. While the vehicle does give users a view of the outside world, it’s only through virtual reality.

The patent explains that the Apple driverless car will have elements to improve immersion. This means that “4DX” elements such as accurate wind blowing to recreate the outside. Obviously, they could just give you windows to give you real air.

It’s a bizarre creation, one that may even take off considering Apple’s rabid fanbase. One of the biggest problems? It won't come in a cool box, robbing people of the fantastic Apple unboxing experience.

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