Two awesome Rogue One characters are reportedly returning for Andor

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story quickly became a fan-favourite Star Wars film upon its 2016 release. The thrilling tale of the team that stole the Death Star plans is a highlight of Star Wars' Disney era. However, Star Wars' iconic suicide mission resulted in an entire cast of characters that wouldn't ever return in a sequel.

Thankfully, there's a possibility that Rogue One fans can see these characters once again. The upcoming Andor prequel series might not just see the return of Cassian Andor, but also other characters from the spin-off movie. However, our hopes all rest on the details of one report.

What Rogue One characters will return in Andor?

According to a report by The Direct, two characters from the Star Wars spin-off will be returning in Andor. Firstly, the report claims that Forrest Whitaker will be reprising his role as Saw Gerrera, the rebel extremist the raised Jyn Erso. Furthermore, the show will also the return of the movie’s villain Orson Krennic.

Obviously, by the end of Rogue One, both of these characters met their end. However, as Andor is a prequel series, there's plenty of space for both of them to appear again. With Krennic returning, there's hope that other Rogue One villains can return as well. With this in mind, will we be able to see Tarkin and Darth Vader on-screen again?

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Saw Gerrera has been subtly confirmed

On the same day the report released, fans discovered that Saw Gerrera is confirmed to return for Andor. In an interview with Swedish radio station Sverige Radio, Andor actor Stellen Skarsgard confirmed the character’s return.

Skarsgard explained that he has filmed “at least two good scenes" with Forrest Whitaker. These scenes were gloriously described as “juicy" by the actor. Unfortunately, there's no knowing how much screen time Saw Gerrera will have in the upcoming show.

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