Tom Holland wanted Peter Parker to bone down in Spider-Man: No Way Home

To date, the MCU has been particularly sexless. Outside of Iron Man and a naughty club in far-out space, the topic of arc isn't really touched on. Perhaps this is due to Disney's family friendly persona; even Iron Man got a happy traditional marriage. For Spider-Man No Way Home, Peter Parker actor Tom Holland wanted to change that.

Tom Holland wanted Spider-Man to bone down

In an interview with Capital FM, Tom Holland explained that he's pretty hands on with Marvel films. For his Spider-Man movies, the actor consistently pitches ideas to Marvel. The actor explains that some ideas do get picked up, but others definitely do not. He said:

"I was scenes and writing ideas and coming up with set pieces and just sending them to Marvel. A lot on them they were like, ‘No, dude, that's a terrible idea' but then there were a couple that they took. They're in the movie and stuff. It's a movie I’m really, really involved in, not just as an actor."

One of Holland’s ideas was a particularly racy idea: a passionate sex scene between Peter Parker and MJ. (Well, presumably MJ.) Of course, Marvel immediately shot this idea down. No Spidey sex scenes allowed!

“I think we should have a really passionate sex scene.  And they're like ‘Nooooo, I don't think so!’ Fully nude.”

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The actor's MCU contract is ending

The future of Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU is uncertain. The actor's contract is set to end after Spider-Man No Way Home. However, Tom Holland has explained that he would “be there in a heartbeat” if they wanted him back.

On top of that, Holland’s Spider-Man will be interacting with Sony's Venom in the near future. Sony boss Sanford Panitch has revealed that Spider-Man and Venom will interact in a future film. Unfortunately, we don't know when they'll meet.

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