Star Wars fans outraged by lack of Lego Leia cleavage in The Skywalker Saga game

In one of the most bizarre cases of fan upset possible, a roar of outcry has spread across the digital galaxy. While many are experiencing great joy with the release of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, others are not so impressed.

Lego Star Wars removes Princess Leia's cleavage

In a now-viral tweet, a Twitter user pointed out that the latest version of Lego Star Wars has altered the appearance of Princess Leia. For the Leia (Jabba’s Palace) character, the chest texture no longer features a representation of cleavage. (Why did the figure originally have this? It’s LEGO.)

While the tweet was seemingly a tongue-in-cheek joke, the viral jest quickly became a hotly debated topic. One person believed that “its more sexist that they took it out” whereas another asked: “We really censoring Legos now?” There were many more with similar beliefs. Of course, some users were in on the joke. One Twitter user compared the situation to a famous string of YouTube comments explaining that they touched themselves to Lego Leia dancing for seven years. Proudly, we add. This world is cursed.

On the other hand, some people not in on the joke took things in the opposite direction. As is the norm on social media, many believed the original poster was serious. One Twitter user said: “That is a LEGO figure. Why do you want to see boobs on a LEGO figure, Andrew? Why is this a priority and a concern for you?”

In the funniest response to the tweet, The Hard Drive editor Jeremy Kaplowitz created an image of classic LEGO Yoda with a phallic outline in his robes. This was then compared against a modern version with no outline and a caption saying: “The game has ruined.” However, Kaplowitz actually used an image of Yaddle in the comparison, and he should be punished for it.

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Extreme accuracy in the LEGO games

If you are actually weirdly outraged by the removal of LEGO cleavage, that's an issue you should discuss with a professional. However, the situation is a very interesting look at how accurate LEGO Star Wars games are to the plastic toys.

For example, back when the original LEGO Star Wars games released, the available minifigure of Princess Leia did have cleavage. (We do not know why they did that.) Nowadays, the most recent Leia toy doesn't have any cleavage, which makes sense as she's a flat cuboid of Swedish plastic.

Travellers Tales, the developers of the LEGO games, always recreate the most modern versions of Lego models in their games. This means that every LEGO Star Wars character that has a plastic counterpart is a one-to-one replica. Isn't that amazing?

If you are one of the people still upset at the minifigures alteration, you can still play the old games or buy an old figurine. Conversely, you could also find literally anything else to do with your time.

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