Star Wars: Eclipse reportedly won't release until 2027 at the earliest

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Following the ending of Electronic Arts’ decade-long Star Wars exclusivity deal, Disney is finally allowing a lot more developers to make games based on the IP. French developer Ubisoft is working on a yet-to-be-seen open-world game. Additionally, narrative game developer Quantic Dream is working on Star Wars: Eclipse.

Announced during the 2021 Game Awards, Star Wars: Eclipse currently has no release date. That's probably for the best, as recent rumours are claiming that the title is years away from store shelves. Many years.

Star Wars: Eclipse isn't releasing for five years

Reported by renowned leaker Tom Henderson, the Quantic Dream game is a long time away from release. Henderson claimed that the once-beloved studio is having trouble hiring developers for the project despite the IP draw.

The leaker explained that multiple setbacks have caused the project to push its planned release date back to 2027. However, that is allegedly the earliest planned date. Henderson claims that the project could release as late as 2028.

Eclipse was announced with a very beautiful trailer just a few months ago, leading many to believe that the game was deep in development. As it turns out, the trailer was allegedly created as a pitch for companies looking to acquire studios.

Henderson explains that Quantic Dream was hoping for Sony, a long-time partner, to acquire them. However, with the company already having a three-game exclusivity deal with the console manufacturer, an acquisition seems unneeded.

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Shrouded in controversy

One of the reasons behind Quantic Dream’ alleged hiring troubles comes down to a massive controversy surrounding the studio. The French development house has long been accused of a toxic work environment surrounded by racism, homophobia and abuse.

This controversy got so bad that Quantic Dream was taken to court. During legal proceedings, co-founder David Cage reportedly ran out of court crying, shouting that he doesn't “make games for f*gs”.

With Star Wars: Eclipse, that controversy has resulted in mass backlash from fans. Shortly after the game’s announcement, fans started the “BlackoutStarWarsEclipse” campaign. The fan campaign aims to get Quantic Dream removed from the project.

As the game is based in The High Republic era of the Star Wars franchise, the involvement of a homophobia-laced company is problematic. The High Republic is known for its LGBTQ+ representation, and a studio like Quantic Dream isn't likely to respect that.

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