Spider-Man and Venom crossover plans will become clear with No Way Home

Before the release of Venom in 2018, it felt wrong to imagine a world where the symbiote could exist without Spider-Man. However, following the film's release, it's clear that Sony could continue to succeed with their own universe kept separate from the MCU. Curiously, this success hasn't stopped Sony from wanting to merge with the MCU as a Spider-Man and Venom crossover is planned.

Spider-Man and Venom movie is in the works

In a Variety interview, Sony boss Sanford Panitch revealed that there are plans for Spider-Man and Venom to meet. While the company is planning for the SonyVerse to merge with the MCU, their plans are complicated. Panitch explained:

"We don't really think of our 900 characters as the Spidey-verse. We have a Marvel universe. The volume of characters we have – you know, wait until you see this next Venom. You don't miss Spider-Man," before adding: "It'll be exciting if they do meet, right?"

Panitch revealed that the plan for the Spider-Man and Venom crossover will become more evident after No Way Home:

"There actually is a plan. I think now maybe it's getting a little more clear for people where we're headed and I think when No Way Home comes out, even more will be revealed."

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Sony's SpiderVerse in the MCU

Sony still has access to a large number of Spider-Man characters. Spider-Man characters that do make an appearance in the MCU are all agreed on by Sony. However, Sony is in charge of which characters Marvel is allowed to use in the MCU.

For this reason, it's likely that Marvel Studios wants to keep Sony happy, especially as Spider-Man is one of their most popular heroes. After the web-slinger was almost removed from the MCU, appeasing Sony is in Marvel's best interest.

With that in mind, it's obvious that Sony would want to have a Spider-Man and Venom crossover. Venom will most likely retain his anti-hero persona instead of being a Spidey villain, but it'll bring in a tonne of customers. It'll also be a very unique movie for both SonyVerse and MCU fans to experience.

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