Sony trolls fans with Spider-Man No Way Home trailer tweet

Fans can often be rather brutal when asking companies for something. With so many fans begging for Sony to release the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer, the company has responded with a trailer. Although, it's not the trailer fans have been asking for.

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer released... kinda

The demand for a Spider-Man No Way Home trailer has reached its peak. Every day, thousands of fans appear to be asking Marvel and Sony to show the movie. After all, it wasn't that long ago fans were begging to find out what the movie was called.

Well, after a lot of fan pressure, Sony has revealed the trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie. However, it's not a video trailer, it's a metal trailer. Like, the vehicle. For those hoping that we'd actually get a trailer for the movie today, you’re as disappointed as we are.

In response to fans begging to see the trailer, the movie’s official account tweeted this:

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Rumours are just rumours, or are they?

The rumours surrounding the upcoming Spidey movie have be rampant. With the Multiverse open and ready to be explored in the MCU, it was reported that Holland’s Peter Parker would meet other versions of himself. It was reported that Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield would be returning for the film, the latter of which is false.

Some rumours are true. Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus is almost confirmed to be in the movie as well as Jamie Foxx’s Electro. However, it's unclear if the latter actor will be the same Electro as before or a different version.

Until the movie is out, or a real trailer is released, Spider-Man No Way Home is a complicated movie. With that said, alongside Doctor Strange 2, it's a very exciting Marvel project that will keep us guessing for a while.

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