Ryan Reynolds allegedly fighting Disney to stop Deadpool 3 interference

Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox initially led to some concerns about Deadpool 3. However, Ryan Reynolds is fighting to make the upcoming threequel the raunchy, gorey comedy it’s meant to be.

In a new report, the movie is described as the source of numerous disagreements between Ryan Reynolds and Disney. With the film currently in the writing stage of production, is Disney holding the title back?

Will Deadpool 3 be uncensored?

MCU architect Kevin Feige has confirmed that Deadpool 3 will be an R-rated movie. It was once believed that Disney would censor the movie into a PG-13 flick to stay family friendly. For many, that would've been a huge mistake; the series' R-Rated nature is what made it appealing in the first place.

Despite Disney's officially claims the movie will be R-Rated, but rumours claim that they're being strict on the movie’s contents. Renowned leaker Daniel Richtman has claimed that Ryan Reynolds is currently fighting Disney on aspects of the movie that they find unfavourable.

“He’s still trying to convince Disney to be more open about DP3," Richtman says. "He's still mad at them for censoring and wanting to tone it down.”

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Ryan Reynolds in the MCU

Deadpool's upcoming third movie will be the character’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character is often known for breaking the fourth wall. With this in mind, the Disney-Fox acquisition will probably be used as a joke for the start of the movie.

Deadpool 3 might not be the only time the character will appear under Disney. For example, the character is now expected to become part of the main Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the time travel shenanigans at the end of Deadpool 2, that could be one way of merging the two worlds. However, it's far more likely that the character will be brought into the MCU through Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Furthermore, there are rumours surrounding the limitations of Ryan Reynolds in the MCU. Reportedly, Reynolds will not be allowed to share the screen with Scarlett Johanson as the two stars are not on good terms. Thankfully, with Johanson's character not being alive in the MCU anymore, that shouldn't be a problem.

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