Rey and Finn romance allegedly blocked by Disney as it was “too risky"

Star Wars' space-fantasy roots have always had deep ties to romance. Lucas' original trilogy was largely built around the romance of Princess Leia and Han Solo; the Prequels focused on Anakin and Padme. While the sequel trilogy did have multiple romance subplots, the movies could've focused on a relationship between Rey and Finn.

Reported by a now-deleted Reddit account claiming to be a Lucasfilm employee, the sequel trilogy allegedly planned for Rey and Finn to be together. However, Disney allegedly shut down the idea as it was “too risky".

Abrams fought for Rey and Finn relationship

According to the now-deleted Reddit post, Rey and Finn did have a planned romance in the sequels. From the very start, director JJ Abrams fought to have the two characters romantically tied. Meanwhile, Disney allegedly blocked every decision.

As a backup, Abrams reportedly planned for Finn and Poe to pursue a relationship. However, former Disney chairman Alan Horn refused to allow Abrams to follow through with the decision. As a result, Finn's character had a romantic subplot with Rose Tico in The Last Jedi. Rise of Skywalker abandoned this subplot.

The romantic intrigue between Finn and Rey was a very large focus of the original sequel movie. Force Awakens appears to heavily push towards a connection between the two characters. One of Finn's first interactions with the future Jedi has him asking her whether she has a boyfriend.

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Romance in the Star Wars sequels

The sequel trilogy did end up having a rather confusing selection of romances throughout the trilogy. The Last Jedi set up Finn's romantic interested in Rose and Rey's deep connection to Kylo Ren. The Reylo ship would eventually come to fruition at the end of Rise of Skywalker.

While initial Episode 9 plans sought to further Finn and Rose's relationship, the theatrical movie would not. Instead, the character is Rose absent from most of the movie following fan backlash from Episode 8. Finn is instead given no follow-up to his romantic ending in The Last Jedi.

Rumours claim that Disney plans on furthering the romance between Kylo Ren and Rey despite the former character’s demise. The rumours claim that the two will have a child born of The Force in an upcoming Disney+ show. As Finn actor John Boyega has spoken out multiple times about how unsatisfying the Disney trilogy was for his character, there aren't any plans for Finn.

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