Peter Parker will be replaced by Ben Reilly in new Amazing Spider-Man run

Over the past six decades, Marvel has often introduced new versions of Spider-Man. On top of Peter Parker, Marvel has given us superpowered Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy and Miguel O'Hara. However, one alternate Spidey has always stood out to fans: Ben Reilly.

Introduced way back in 1975, Benjamin Reilly is a Clone of Peter Parker created by The Jackal. During the infamous Clone Saga, Ben Reilly not only became a Peter’s ally, but he also took over the mantle as Spider-Man for a while. Fans better know him as the Scarlet Spider.

Ben Reilly is replacing Peter Parker

For the new run of Amazing Spider-Man, Ben Reilly is coming back as the main Spidey. Backed by a new writing team, the new run aims to “shake up the Spider-Man mythos in ways no one will see coming."

Reilly is described as the peak version of Spider-Man in the new run. The character has both the physical prowess and the ethical teachings of Aunt May and Uncle Ben to fuel him. But will this actually make him the best Spider-Man? Well, that question seems to be the entire point of the run.

Editor Nick Lowe says:

“The whole point of working on Spider-Man is trying to put new unliftable weights on top of him—physical, metaphysical, emotional, psychological—and seeing if he can lift them. But what if that weight truly is too heavy? What if someone with the exact same skills and formative years could do better?"
"Ben Reilly is back and, with Aunt May and Uncle Ben’s lessons in the back of HIS mind as well, he’s here to step in where Peter Parker failed. Can he accomplish things the original Spider-Man never could? These questions are what sold me on this story."

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