Michael B. Jordan says Chadwick Boseman doesn't need an award to be validated

The 2021 Oscars celebration was the last chance for Chadwick Boseman to win an Academy Award. Following the actor's passing past year, fans were hoping that Boseman would be able to be the third actor to win an Academy Award post-mortem.

While Boseman was up for the award of Best Actor for Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, he didn't grab the win. Obviously, fans are quite upset at the “Oscars Snub", but Boseman's co-star Michael B. Jordan says it doesn't matter.

Michael B. Jordan on Boseman Oscar “snub”

In an interview on The Jess Cagle Show (via HR), Jordan explained that he thinks Boseman transcends awards. With his work as Black Panther inspiring millions around the world, the actor doesn't need an award to be validated.

"But you know, this is how I honestly and truly really feel about it: There’s like, there's no award that can validate his legacy," Jordan explained. "There's no win that can take anything away from the lives around the world that he impacted. So, you've got to look at the things that we can control and the gifts and the blessings that he left us, and that's this incredible body of work and what he represents for as a person and as the biggest one we could really ask for."

Michael B. Jordan also explained that he couldn't bring himself to watch Boseman's final film as soon as it released. Once watching, he believed Boseman would win the award, but the star couldn't handle the fact that he would never see Boseman act again.

"I held off from watching it for a while, to be perfectly honest," Jordan said. "And when I did it, you know, it's like, you want to savor it. It was an incredible performance, man. I mean, it's like, you can see it, you know, him giving everything he had."

Chadwick Boseman’s future in cinema

Chadwick Boseman’s performance in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom isn't his last. While that might be the actor's final cinematic role, Boseman is still in Marvel's What If series. In that upcoming show, Boseman will be an alternate T'Challa that was picked up by Yondu instead of Peter Quill.

Boseman's T'Challa isn't being killed off in the MCU either. Instead, Marvel will be handing over the mantle of Black Panther to another character. Thankfully, this won't be done via a CGI Boseman. However, the character could appear via a rear shot or far away double to make sure fans know the character isn't killed off.

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