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MCU Daredevil reboot production plans leaked online

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After the cancellation of Netflix's Marvel sub-universe, millions of fans were upset at the loss of Charlie Cox's Daredevil. While it looks like Cox will be returning as the character in Spider-Man: No Way Home, She-Hulk and Echo. However, it also looks like an MCU Daredevil reboot is in production.

Marvel Insider leaks MCU Daredevil reboot

Amid a flash-fire of excitement for Daredevil's return, many are hoping for a standalone MCU project featuring the hero. As it turns out, a standalone movie or Disney+ series is in the very early stages of production right now.

Renowned Marvel Insider Daniel Richtman took to Twitter just to leak the new project. Usually, Richtman keeps his leaks behind a Patreon paywall. However, this time, the leaker posted his information on his public Twitter.

The leaker posted a talent listing for a Marvel Studios Daredevil project. Hosted by Wed Talent Grid, the image is obviously cropped in. This means that we don't know who is in charge of writing or ducting the new project.

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Will Daredevil be a movie or a Disney Plus show?

Richtman offered few details on the MCU Daredevil project, only that it’s happening. There's no information on whether Charlie Cox's return will be in a new movie or a Disney Plus show. While Cox’s Daredevil is known for TV, it would be nice to see the character suit up on the big screen.


Nevertheless, it's fantastic to see one of the best parts of Netflix’s Marvel shows return. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll be able to see the rest of the Netflix cast return, including Jon Bernthal's incredible Punisher.

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