Madame Web spin-off movie reportedly starts filming late this year

Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man cinematic universe is set to expand into the bizarre with a new movie based on Madame Web. As the movie studio attempts to capitalise even further on the success of MCU Spider-Man, weirder and wilder spin-offs are entering development.

The cringe-named “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters" has been rather successful with the Venom and its recent sequel. In the near future, the universe will be expanded with movies focusing on Spider-Man villains Morbius and Kraven. However, none of them sound anywhere near as interesting as a movie based on elderly Madame Web.

Is Sony making a Madame Web movie?

Sony has shown an interest in developing a movie about the mysterious Spider mutant. However, the movie has seemingly been in a state of wavering production over the past few years. Despite this, there are a few pieces of information regarding the film that have slipped out.

For example, Life on Mars and The Defenders director S.J. Clarkson is attached to helm the new movie. Additionally, the likes of Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock have been cited as potential actresses for the titular role of Madame Web.

Despite this, there still aren't many details surrounding what the movie will entail. Web isn't typically a main character in Spider-Man storylines. Instead, the mutant is a driving force that helps Peter Parker discover more about himself.

It will be interesting to see what a film focusing entirely on the character will be about. It'll be even more interesting to see if the movie can successfully make moviegoers excited about a rather obscure side character.

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The movie starts filming in 2022

According to Insider Charles Murphy, Sony is looking to start filming on their new movie. Revealed on his Twitter, the Insider claimed that Sony has already secured locations for filming the new film. However, he is still unsure on the date of filming.

“Sounds like Sony is planning to get Madame Web going this year,” Murphy said. “Have a location but no dates yet. I'll update when I have all the details.”

The upcoming film has the potential of being one of the most intriguing Spidey films to come out of Sony. But can the bizarre flick stick the landing?

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