Kylo Ren prequel series reportedly planned without Adam Driver

Star Wars' Disney+ catalogue already has a massive collection of ongoing projects, but one more could be added to the list. This new rumour states that an unannounced Star Wars show will explore the backstory of Kylo Ren.

Reported by We Got This Covered, the in-development show will follow a young Ben Solo in his turn to the Dark Side. While a lot of this story is covered in comics and books, it's a new story to tell on TV. WGTC reports that the information was leaked to them via the same source the revealed Ahsoka's involvement in The Mandalorian.

What is Disney's Kylo Ren show?

While just a rumour at the time of writing, the supposed Kylo Ren show will detail the characters turn to evil. Starting as Ben Solo, the show will detail the events that twisted the son of Han and Leia into the First Order’s Supreme Leader.

Unfortunately, the younger nature of Ben Solo at this point in his life will lead to Disney recasting the role. Before now, the role of Kylo Ren was fantastically portrayed by Adam Driver, but the older actor will not be playing Solo in the show.

Instead, Disney is reportedly looking for a younger actor to take on the mantle, much like Hayden Christensen as Anakin. It makes sense, but with Rise of Skywalker cutting off hope of future Adam Driver adventures, it still stings.

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What could we see Ben Solo do?

Star Wars' sequel trilogy left open a lot for future Ben Solo stories. Episode 8 did touch heavily on his departure from Luke Skywalker's Jedi training, but other movies didn't do much. Instead, multiple comics tell most of his backstory.

An important part of the character’s backstory is undoubted the Knights of Ren. Appearing briefly in Episode 7 & 9, these followers of Ren were hilariously dispatched by Ben Solo in the last movie. This prequel show would be a great opportunity to showcase the group in their prime.

Other aspects the show could touch on is the character’s grooming by Supreme Leader Snoke. Despite Episode 9’s bizarre Snoke Clone inclusion and Palpatine deception, the story of Kylo's rise is still interesting.

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