Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake reportedly in the works at Aspyr

Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most beloved RPGs ever made. In terms of Western RPGs, the game sits tight alongside the likes of Fallout, Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect as the peak of what the genre can offer. But what if it could be remade with modern graphics?

Fans have asked for a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake for years. While the original game was an incredible feat, its early 2000s visuals don't hold up as well as its story or gameplay. Thankfully, that remake is reportedly on its way.

Aspyr Media Knights of the Old Republic Remake

According to renowned games journalist Jason Schreier, a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake is in development. Following up on a tweet he made that KOTOR would not be handled by EA, Schreier explained that the remake is being created.

In a new appearance on the MinnMaxShow, Schreier revealed that Aspyr Media Is working on a KOTOR remake. While not many details were given on the project, the journalist confirmed that the game was being worked on.

“Yes, there is something there,” Schreier said. “Yes, it's real. That's true. This is public at this point. I basically confirmed that Aspyr – the company that has ported the KOTOR games – is working on a remake. So, there's your headline.”

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Disney and KOTOR

Following the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars IP, KOTOR has been deemed non-canon. Originally part of the Legends expanded universe, the stories were culled in favour of a simpler universe.

That isn't to say that Disney has ignored KOTOR. While the names and events of the series have yet to be mentioned, The Mandalorian includes numerous nods to the series. In the show's second season, HK droids make their first on-screen appearance alongside an important Jedi temple.

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