Katee Sackoff wants to dip her Mandalorian toes into Star Trek

It's fair to say that the second series of The Mandalorian was much better received than Rise of Skywalker, with meaningful throwbacks, interesting character arcs and overall, an enjoyable ride from start to finish.

Actor Katee Sackoff was one of the surprises of this series, reprising her role of Bo-Katan in the flesh, compared to her CGI counterpart in Clone Wars. However, her roles such as Kimberly in the unofficial Power Rangers mini-movie, alongside Amunet Black in The Flash, her range knows no bounds.

Which is why, thanks to an interview Katee did with Looper, she is also keen to star in a future Star Trek project, either film or TV show.

Star Trek and Sackoff?

In the interview, Katee was asked whether another franchise was due for her appearance, and she replied with the following:

"I mean, I haven't been in Star Trek. That seems to be the one that's still there. That's still there and still exists for the possibility."

With Season 3 of The Mandalorian most likely tackling the Darksaber, and whether Bo-Katan will take it from Din's possession, filming for this is still yet to begin. Mainly due to the ongoing pandemic and The Book of Boba Fett wrapping up soon, there's plenty of opportunity for Katee to appear in a future Star Trek series or film for now.

What's coming up for Star Trek?

Season 2 of Picard is now filming, after being delayed for 10 months, alongside the 'Q' character appearing.

There's also another series of Discovery coming, alongside another starring Captain Pike, a certain fellow who helmed the Enterprise before Kirk did.

With many shows in production, alongside a film set for 2022, there's plenty of options that Katee could take part in, even has a Caption of a ship perhaps.

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