Karl Urban eyed for “darker" MCU Wolverine despite Thor role

Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox will result in the inclusion of Fantastic Four and X-Men characters in the MCU. Of course, two decades of prior X-Men movies have made Australia's Hugh Jackman the face of Wolverine. The new MCU interpretation will require new actors and The Boys' Karl Urban is reportedly in the running.

With Dredd and The Boys under his belt, Karl Urban is a suitable choice for Jackman's replacement. The same source states that Urban isn't the only choice for the role.

Will Karl Urban be Wolverine in the MCU?

Sources close to Giant Freaking Robot have explained that Disney is currently considering approaching Karl Urban as Wolverine for the MCU. However, Urban isn't the only actor who is being approached for the role. In fact, he's not even the first choice for the role.

For their first choice, Disney is allegedly approaching Kingsmen actor Taron Egerton. Unfortunately for Disney, Egerton might not be available for the MCU workload. With Egerton possibly unable to portray a younger Logan, Urban would be able to play a more mature version of the character.

Unfortunately, Urban has already played an MCU in the past. Karl Urban played Skurge in Thor Ragnorak who killed in the movie's finale. However, the character is covered in tattoos and looses Urban's fantastic hair. This fact could allow Disney to reuse the actor without noticing.

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What will Wolverine be like in the MCU?

Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be a darker, more mature version of the character. After an introduction in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, the character will be a key part of future Marvel movies. In addition, the character will act differently to the Fox version.

In a report by We Got This Covered, MCU Wolverine will be closer to the comic version. Allegedly, there's ongoing arguments about how mature the character will be in the cinematic universe. For example, Logan will be a heavy drinker and a chain smoker making him the ultimate edgy boy.

With a more comic accurate plan for Logan, there's hope for the comic book costume to make a proper movie appearance. Whether or not Karl Urban will agree to wear the suit on screen isn't currently known. However, with the actor happily wearing the full Judge Dredd costume in the past, it’s not a stretch.

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