James McAvoy and others seemingly revising X-Men roles for Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be a fantastic “celebration of Marvel” cinema. Fans are expected to be ready for a multitude of multiverse appearances, including multiple versions of classic Marvel characters.

For example, multiple leaks have already shown the return of Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier. However, it turns out that his younger counterpart, Scottish actor James McAvoy, may be returning as well.

James McAvoy returning as Charles Xavier

As pointed out by Twitter user lllyasemin, multiple X-Men starts are getting back into the look of their comic book characters. After the release X-Men Dark Pheonix in 2019, the series’ actors no longer kept their iconic movie appearances.

As the Twitter user pointed out, both James McAvoy and Sophie Turner have reverted back to their X-Men looks. In separate Instagram posts, it was revealed that McAvoy has shaved his head back to Professor X length. Additionally, Turner has dyed her hair back to a Jean Grey Red.

“James McAvoy shaved his head,” the Twitter user posted. “Sophie Turner dyed her hair red at the same time. What a coincidence(!)”

Of course, this could all just be coincidence. For example, McAvoy is going to be starring in the stage play Cyrano, a role he’s previously shaved his head for. As for Turner, the red hair could simply be part of a new look.

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Doctor Strange 2 is full of cameos

It’s already known that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will have a new wave of cameos for Marvel fans to enjoy. While Spider-Man: No Way Home had plenty of Marvel cameos, Doctor Strange 2 is expected to heavily transcend that movie’s attempts.

Rumours claim that everyone from Fox’s Fantastic Four to a Tom Cruise Iron Man will appear in the film. Of course, not every rumour can be true, but there's enough excitement surrounding the movie for creativity to run wild.

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