James Gunn’s rehiring made Bautista “proud of Disney"

It’s been three years since James Gunn was fired from Disney. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy director was pushed out over a serious of uncomfortable tweets went viral online. However, after Gunn explained that he had grown out of the behaviour displayed in those old, edgy tweets, he was rehired by Disney.

Drax the Destroyer actor Dave Bautista was a key voice behind the rehiring of James Gunn. During the debacle, Bautista was extremely vocal about his thoughts on the situation. Three years later, the actor is discussing the situation once again, only this time it’s with fondness.

Dave Bautista is proud of Disney

In an interview for Zack Snyder’s new film Army of the Dead, Bautista detailed his thoughts on the rehiring of James Gunn. The actor explains that it can't have been an easy decision for the company, but he’s proud of the way they handled the situation.

“Obviously, I’m happy. Ecstatic. But, also I think it’s a big statement for Disney to go back on a decision like that,” the actor said.  “Like, I think that’s a huge statement, a very political statement. It’s not something they needed to do, not at that point, but they basically stepped back and did the right thing and I think that’s a huge statement. So, not to sound condescending, but I’m very proud of Disney. I’m sure that wasn’t easy for them, because they’re basically admitting to the world they made a mistake, they’re wrong. But, also, what that statement says goes a long way.”
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Future of James Gunn Marvel movies

Dave Bautista and James Gunn will be reuniting for the final entry in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. While Gunn is currently hard at work finishing Warner Bros’ The Suicide Squad, the actor will return to Marvel to finish his trilogy.

After that, Gunn is expected to take a break from Marvel movies. There's no knowing how the director will end the Guardians' stories or if the characters will reappear in other projects. However, with the popularity of the space-faring group, they likely won't disappear forever.

Depending on the success of The Suicide Squad, James Gunn could potentially return to Warner Bros for sequels. Whatever happens, the director has a bright future ahead of him after a non-stop collection of hits.

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