Iron Man 2 actor Mickey Rourke slams Marvel in favour of Law and Order

Iron Man 2 actor Mickey Rourke is not a huge fan of Marvel. After starring in the second Iron Man movie, the actor has frequently expressed his disdain for the company. With a lot of his work being cut from the theatrical film, it's not surprising that Rourke isn't a fan.

In a new social media post, the actor has once again had a small jab at the multi-billion-dollar movie studio. In fact, the Iron Man 2 star thinks that acting in Marvel requires less skill than that of acting in Law and Order.

Mickey Rourke thinks Marvel is sh*t

In a new Instagram post, Rourke expressed his love of the TV show Law and Order Special Victims Unit. The actor explains that during lockdown he's seen over 1000 episodes of the crime drama after clicking on it by accident.

Rourke lovingly praises the acting ability of the show's main actors. The actor explains that he’s been watching the show while he does lifting training in the living room. In all fairness, that's a great way of getting through exercise.

Of course, Rourke doesn't finish the Instagram post without having a little jab at Marvel Studios. “Respect to all of you, the work that you all do is real acting, not like that crap that all on Marvel sh*t,” the Iron Man 2 actor wrote.

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Iron Man 2 was a bit crap

Mickey Rourke as Whiplash was one of the greatest parts of the second Iron Man movie. The film has strong performances from its cast, but suffers from a lot of scenes being cut from the film.

Rourke's character saw the brunt of these cuts. While the character was presented as a bit of a buffoon in the theatrical cut, Rourke's performance is said to have be more threatening. In fact, the actor even spent time in a real prison to prepare for his performance.

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