How Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions inspired the Spidey-Verse

Marvel games across the years have been average at best; not really taking stock as to how a character could translate well into the game; you only need to look at the reception of this year's 'Avengers'.

However, Spider-Man has had more hits than misses; the recent 'Miles Morales' only puts paid to that in how good that looks and plays.

But as we reach news of Marvel's plans for their 'Phase 4' of films, it looks like the Spidey-verse is indeed coming, with Tobey McGuire and Alfred Molina returning to their roles of Spider-Man and Doc-Ock.

In 2010 however, there was a game that went across four dimensions, and ended up being a great game, albeit with some faults.


You may of heard of 'Beenox', responsible for this game but also for this year's 'Crash Bandicoot 4' and 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2'.

After being responsible for many ports of well-known franchises, they were given the task of creating a Spider-Man game that was wholly original; not based from the recent movies.

There are four dimensions of Spider-Man:

  1. Noir
  2. Amazing
  3. 2099
  4. Venom-Symbiote/Ultimate

Each with their own abilities and storyline, but there's a neat twist to every actor voicing these Spider-Men.

  • The 'Amazing' variant voiced Spider-Man in the 2003 animated series that followed the film.
  • The '2099' variant voiced Spider-Man previously in the 1981 series, 'Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends'.
  • The 'Ultimate' variant voiced Spider-Man in a 2008 animated series, the 'Spectacular Spider-Man'.
  • The 'Noir' version though, voiced Spider-Man in the mid-nineties animated series, with its Aerosmith-inspired theme tune and fantastic storylines.

It was a fantastic game, and while it's only a PS3, Xbox 360 and limited PC release, hopefully a remaster should be seen soon. The gameplay almost rivalled Arkham Asylum and the storylines with all the actors summed it up into a Spider-Man game that's very underrated, ten years after its release.

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The coming Spider-Verse

However, the writer for the game was 'Dan Slott', who also penned the 'Spidey-Verse' story-arc for the comics in 2014. This in-turn also inspired the 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' film from 2018, an entry that surprised everyone on its release, with a sequel due in 2022.

The term 'multiverse' has been bandied about for years in the comics, with DC Comics even having a whole event around it, called 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'.

But now that the 'Spider-Man 3' film is in development with rumours of many villains and heroes returning, the 'Multiverse' has come full circle in ten years.

It all essentially began with 'Shattered Dimensions' and now moving into the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe', but if you don't feel like you're ready for what the MCU is about to bring, 'Shattered Dimensions' is a fantastic lesson in how multiple-Spider-Men in one type of medium can work.

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