Han Solo's (new) father revealed in latest Star Wars comic book

Disney's erasure of Star Wars’ Legends timeline has led to a number of storylines being axed from canon. Some of these stories are slowly being remade, such as the wedding of Han Solo and Leia Organa.

In the latest Star Wars comic book, Disney has started to remake another classic bit of Star Wars canon. This time, the House of Mouse is continuing to reinvent the backstory of everyone's favourite smuggler: Han Solo.

Who is Han Solo's father?

In the original Legends canon, Han Solo knew both of his parents. While Solo’s parents both disappeared when he was seven years old, he still knew who they were. They were called Jaina and Jonash Solo.

In the new canon, Solo doesn't remember his family. Additionally, the smuggler’s iconic last name isn't a family name. Instead, it was given to him by an Imperial officer when he signed up for the Empire.

However, Disney and Lucasfilm are working on introducing the character’s parents. Well, at least introducing his father. In fact, the most recent issue of Han Solo & Chewbacca, fans finally saw Solo’s father.

While the character was not named, the issue ends with an older man finally finding Han. The man, who wears an eyepatch, appears to have been looking for the young Solo for a long time. Oh, also, they appear to have the same name.

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Remaking canon

Many arguments have been made surrounding Disney's culling of classic canon stories. For the sequels, it made sense. They wanted to follow up on the events of the original trilogy in a new way. However, in doing so, Disney also deleted storylines that didn't clash with their plans.

This was done out of a wish to not cause confusion around what is and isn't canon. However, as Disney starts to rewrite old stories, it shows a lack of creativity. It's just getting people to purchase similar stories to ones they've already read.

Alternate canons and timelines aren't an issue. Comics have done it for decades; the upcoming Halo TV show is in its own timeline. But when doing so, it’s to tell new stories, not rehash old ones for new profit.

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