Evan Peters was completely covered on WandaVision set to kill spoilers

The ending of WandaVision Episode 5 ended with a mind-blowing cliffhanger for fans of all sorts of Marvel movies. At the end of the episode, Fox's Quicksilver actor Evan Peters mysteriously turns up as the MCU's version of Pietro Maximoff.

While Evan Peters didn't end up being a multiverse version of Pietro like many fans assumed, it was still a nice surprise. Hilariously, it's been revealed that Marvel went through extraordinary lengths to keep that surprise from leaking.

Evan Peters was completely hidden for WandaVision

In an interview with The Wrap, Peters revealed that Marvel tried very hard to keep his WandaVision appearance from leaking. While some actors are sneakily transported or protected by bodyguards to limit pictures, Marvel went one step further.

In the interview, Peters revealed that Marvel would completely cover the actor from head-to-toe to make him unrecognisable. To hide the actor's appearance, Evan Peters would come to set in a large cloak complete with an umbrella.

“That was hilarious,” the actor laughed. “I’d actually be brought to set in a cloak and an umbrella. It feels really good to be working with people bringing their A-game.”

Unfortunately, the actor's appearance did eventually end up leaking prior to the episode’s release. However, the leaks weren't circulated enough to spoil the actor’s appearance for too many people. Nevertheless, it seems that Marvel's penchant for secrecy isn't unbreakable at the moment.

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Future of WandaVision

The plot of WandaVision makes it very unlikely that fans will ever get a sequel. Of course, the MCU will always have follow-ups to major events like what happened in WandaVision, but a true sequel isn't on the table.

When it comes to Wanda Maximoff, the character is set to return for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In the film, Wanda is described as being a villain, although her true feelings are likely tied to good intentions.

As for Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner, we probably won't ever see the character again. While it would be fun to see the character pop up in cameos or background shots, that doesn't seem likely at all.

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