Doctor Strange 2 features Star Wars’ Mustafar, and possibly more

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to chew through a massive amount of Marvel lore. As the multiverse opens, Stephen Strange will have to engage in the Marvel universe’s infinite possibilities. 

However, it’s not just the Marvel universe that Strange will have to deal with. In a new clip, it would appear that the Star Wars universe is also making its way into the MCU. 

Star Wars in Doctor Strange 2

Via The Direct, a new 17-second clip for Doctor Strange 2 shows one of many hops into the titular multiverse. Paired with America Chavez, Strange tumbles through multiple universes, similar to a scene in What If?.

Interestingly, one of these universes is not like the others — it’s not a Marvel universe. Instead, it’s an ionic world from another franchise that Disney happens to own: Star Wars. 

In the short clip, Strange and Chavez fly past Mustafar, Darth Vader’s lava planet. The instantly recognisable lava planet energetically spews out magma post floating platforms. 

Unfortunately, the stunt in Mustafar is kept brief. Just like in What If?, the planet only appears for a quick cameo. However, since Star Wars canonically exists as a franchise in the Marvel universe, its existence as a multiverse is very interesting. 

Does this mean George Lucas visited the Star Wars universe before writing the movies? We’re onto you, George!

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Careful: Spoilers are everywhere! 

While the short appearance of Mustafar in an official Marvel clip is fine to share, the entirety of Doctor Strange 2 has now been leaked online. As you’d expect, this means spoilers are everywhere. 

If you wish to stay safe, it’s best that you avoid certain parts of the internet. Even in researching for this article, we came across multiple massive spoilers that we’d rather have avoided. 

So, if you are excited for the new Strange movie, watch out! There’s leaks about. 

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