Doctor Strange 2 reportedly cut a fight between Scarlet Witch and Ghost Rider

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was able to pack in a lot of fun cameos at a little over two hours, but can you believe even more were planned? With the sequel having 30 minutes cut before release, tonnes of surpriseswere left on the cutting room floor. For example, an MCU insider has revealed that Ghost Rider was originally going to appear, as well as Deadpool.

Ghost Rider in the Illuminati

James Clement of The Weekly Planet podcast claims that there was a draft where a version of Ghost Rider would have been in the Illuminati. While Clement doesn’t clarify which version of the character appeared. However, he does state that the character’s scenes were filmed for Doctor Strange 2 before eventually being cut.

Knowing that Wanda decimates the Illuminati with ease, there’s a very good chance that Ghost Rider was going to be killed in a fairly brutal fashion as well. Maybe they decided to change it to Reed Richards at the last minute? Either way, it appears that the Midnight Sun will wait a wee bit longer before he makes his MCU debut.

Considering some of the cameos that we saw in Doctor Strange 2, we wonder if it was the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider from Agents of SHIELD. There’s also a small possibility that it was the Johnny Blaze version previously played by Nicholas Cage if all those cameos are anything to go by. In the end, we’ll never know if this was going to be the case but we doubt this scene will make it to the Blu-Ray/Disney+ extras.

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Multiverse of cut scenes

There will always be scenes left out of movies and that holds true for Doctor Strange 2. Aside from Ghost Rider not making it, there are also reports claiming Michael Fasbender’s Magneto was set to make a cameo as well. Superior Iron Man also ended up not being in the movie at all, despite appearing in some of the promotional material and trailers.

Beyond cut cameos, Doctor Strange 2 also would have had a scene where Wanda kills the 616 version of Mordo. In the end, it was cut so that her turn to villainy was going to be a major surprise and we think they made the right decision. This also means 616 Mordo can come back to haunt Strange another day since it’s implied that the two have been fighting a lot since the first Doctor Strange film happened.

Will we eventually see Ghost Rider in the MCU?

Considering how expansive the MCU is becoming, we feel that it’s only a matter of time before Ghost Rider appears. While it’s odd that he didn’t appear in Doctor Strange 2, we assume that Marvel has plans for him down the line. There is a new Blade movie coming out after all and he would be a fun post-credits teaser.

Marvel has also been pushing the character strong in the comics. The Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider is currently in Marvel’s Avengers comic series. Johnny Blaze’s version of Ghost Rider also had a 6-issue series recently, so Marvel definitely wants interest in the character.

Even without Ghost Rider, we think fans will walk away happy with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There’s a lot of freaky energy courtesy of Sam Raimi and the cameos will make a lot of fans happy.

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