Disney heavily censors Falcon and The Winter Soldier a year after release

Multiple titles housed on Disney's juggernaut streaming service, Disney Plus, have seen censorship in some way or another. For some titles, the removal of horrendous racially charged scenes can be explained. However, other films — such as the 1984 movie Splash — randomly censor beach butts with CGI hair.

The entertainment mega-company's censorship isn't stopping at a flash of cheek. In a new move, the company has censored violent scenes in the Marvel TV show Falcon and The Winter Soldier, a series designed and released on Disney Plus.

Why has Disney censored Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

Reported by The Direct, two violent scenes have been censored in Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Many fans have wondered why Disney has issued an alteration of the scene, especially considering there are more violent scenes in the show.

One scene in question is near the end of the third episode of limited run series. In the original episode, Baron Zemo killed Hydra scientist Wilfred Nagel. As the episode ends, the original scene rested on the shot of the deceased scientist, his eyes open and blood on his shirt.

In comparison, the new version of the scene has removed all traces of blood from the scientist’s body. Additionally, the character’s eyes have been CGI’d closed, no longer keeping his eyes open. It's he dead? Or is he sleeping?

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The other scene is in the same episode. During the murder of the Hydra Scientist, Bucky Barnes is fighting a number of mercenaries. As the fight concludes, Barnes throws a pipe through the shoulder of a woman, pinning her to a shipping container. In the new version, the pipe simply bounces off.

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In the original launch of the series, these weren't even the most violent parts of the show. Another scene shows a decapitation with Captain America’s shield. Hilariously, that scene is still in the series with no new edits.

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Censorship for no reason?

The censorship of Falcon and The Winter Soldier comes at a very weird time for Disney Plus. As more mature Marvel shows make their way to the streaming service, the censorship of a show designed first and foremost for the service is bizarre.

Marvel has announced plans to tackle more mature and darker heroes for Disney Plus. For example, Moon Knight — a very mature character — is launching on the streaming service today. This is expected to be one of the most violent mainline MCU projects to date.

The censorship in this show appears to have been done without reason. Falcon and The Winter Soldier' violent moments are few and far between, and they weren't classed as too violent before. It simply doesn't make sense.

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